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Move Plan

Graf Van & Storage provides free, no obligation estimates. To request an estimate electronically, click here or contact Graf Van & Storage at
(415) 479-6262.



Graf Van & Storage has prepared a list of moving tips to help you prepare for your move:


  • Summer is "peak" moving season. If you can be flexible about when you move, don't wait until the summer. Also, the first and last days of the month are extra busy. Specify the exact date you want to move and when it will be convenient for an agent to visually survey your household and prepare an estimate.


  • Tour your house before the agent arrives. Check from attic to basement and determine what will be moved and what will be discarded. Show your agent everything you will be moving.


  • If you plan to do the packing yourself, start collecting suitable containers and packing materials. Set packing goals and deadlines. Have all packing complete by moving day.


  • Notify the post office that you will be moving. Provide them with a forwarding address (temporary or permanent). Click here to notify the U.S. Postal Service of your move.


  • If you are being relocated at your company’s request, find out what portion of your moving expenses will be paid by the company. If your company has a written moving policy, ask for a copy.


  • Dispose of all flammables such as cleaning fluids, aerosol cans, fireworks and matches. Drain the fuel from your power mower and other machinery. Discard partly used containers of any substance that may leak. Empty the water from your steam iron.


  • Obtain a written appraisal of antique items to verify their value. Don’t wax or oil wood furniture before moving, because some products may soften the wood, making it vulnerable to imprinting from furniture pads.

  • Unplug all electronic equipment such as television sets, home computers, stereos, etc. 24 hours in advance of a move so they will be at room temperature on moving day. Moving a TV set and other electronic equipment in which heat is still retained could cause internal damage.



Moving to a new city brings with it a lot of uncertainty. We have provided these valuable tools to make your research easier.

  • Search for a home in your new city using The Official Internet Site of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.

  • Search for businesses in your new area using Smartpages.


The U.S. Post Office has provided information to help you notify all of the necessary parties of your move. Click Here to visit the post office.


United Van Lines has compiled detailed brochures about moving issues. Contact Graf Van & Storage to request any of the following brochures:

United Van Lines has compiled detailed brochures about moving issues. Contact Graf Van & Storage to request any of the following brochures:

  • Pre-Planned Moving Guide

  • Relocation Services

  • Tax Deductible Moving Expenses

  • Doing Your Own Packing

  • Protecting Your Belongings

  • Moving Your Computer

  • Moving Appliances

  • Moving With Children

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